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Tournament Overview


Tournament Overview

The FUT Chamions Cup April 2019 will consist of three tournament stages – a Swiss-style Group Stage featuring 32 players (per platform), the single-elimination Playoffs featuring 16 players (per platform), and a Cross-Platform Grand Final that features the top player from each platform.

Swiss Style Group Stage:
The Group Stage will consist of 32 players from each platform, competing in a traditional Swiss format. In the Swiss format, each competitor does not play every other. Competitors meet in each round and are paired using a set of rules designed to ensure that each competitor plays opponents with an identical record, but not the same opponent more than once. Following the Group Stage, the top 16 players (per platform) will advance to the single-elimination Knockouts. 

Visual Representation of Swiss-Style Group Stage

The Knockout Stage will consist of the top sixteen players from each platform competing in a single-elimination knockout bracket. Each platform will have its own separate knockout bracket. 

After the Swiss-style Group Stage, each knockout bracket will be seeded based on each player’s finishing record in the Swiss-style Group Stage, with those losing fewer matches receiving better seeds in the bracket with the following tiebreaker rules:

  • The single competitor on each platform who reaches a 5-0
  • When records are equal, the following will be used as the tie-breaker for seeding in the tournament:
    • Median-Buchholz System (The sum of your opponents wins, with the top and bottom opponent discarded)
    • Total Goals Scored (without penalties)  
    • Random

The Cross Platform Grand Final:
After the conclusion of each platform’s Knockouts, the winner from each bracket will advance to the Cross-Platform Grand Final. The Cross-Platform Grand Final will consist of a single two-legged match. One leg of the match will be played on the PlayStation 4, and the other leg will be played on the Xbox One. 

You can check out the full tournament schedule, groups, brackets, and other important event information on our official tournament website at

Prize Breakdown

Place Prize Money (USD) FGS Points (Console Specific)
1st Place $50,000 USD 1500 points
2nd Place $30,000 USD 1500 points
Top 4 $15,000 USD 850 points
Top 8 $7,500 USD 625 points
Top 16 $3,500 USD 450 points
Top 32 $1,000 USD 275 points
Top 64 $500 USD 150 points

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