FUT Champions Cup April 2019

Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Gfinity FIFA Series March: 5 frontrunners for the title

We’re into the second half of the season in the FIFA 19 competitive calendar, and the players will be getting the calculators out as they look to work out how many rankings points will see them qualified for the playoffs and FIFA eWorld Cup at the end of the campaign. Just five tournaments remain before the console playoffs in June, making each and every tournament vital.

Next up, we have the Gfinity FIFA Series March, which is the third and final of its kind this season. Once again, $8,750 and 850 FIFA Global Series Points is up for grabs, with 32 players doing battle over two days at the Gfinity Arena in London to move one step closer to a playoff spot.

We preview the top five contenders from this weekend’s action, with these names the most likely to pick up the big cheque and rankings points.

Rogue Msdossary

Mosaad “Rogue Msdossary” Aldossary has a fantastic record in the UK, having claimed two FUT Champions Cups and the FIFA eWorld Cup across London and Manchester. Given his track record in the UK plus his success back in the FUT Champions Cup December at the Gfinity Arena, expect him to be there or thereabouts this weekend. He has failed to build on that win, but a console final appearance at the FUT Champions Cup February shows he isn’t going away. With Donovan “F2Tekkz” Hunt opting out of the tournament with a busy schedule to come, the Saudi Arabian looks to be the favourite on the Xbox One side of the draw.


FC Basel man Nicolas “Nicolas99fc” Villalba linked up with F2Tekkz to claim the FIFA eClub World Cup back in February, with the two players on the top of the rankings for their respective consoles. Nicolas has been on superb form of late, finishing inside the top four of his last four major tournaments. He came second at FUT Champions Cup December at the Gfinity Arena, before claiming the title at Gfinity FIFA series January. After his FIFA eClub World Cup success, he reached the PS4 final at FUT Champions Cup February. The Argentine is no doubt the man to beat on the PlayStation side of the draw.

PSV Pinna97

The man who burst onto the scene at the FIFA eWorld Cup last season, Stefano “PSV Pinna97” has built on that with more consistent success this term. The Belgian started the season well by losing in the final of the PGL Cup and put a strong showing at the FUT Champions Cup January by reaching the PS4 console final. In February he claimed the second instalment of the Gfinity FIFA Series, which was his out and out title after defeating Michael “MegaBit” Bittner in London. Now in the back half of the campaign, the PSV Eindhoven man can start showing his credentials to be one of the top stars to bet at the FIFA eWorld Cup this summer.


A more recent turn to form has come from Fatih “M10Ustun” Ustun, after reaching the cross-console final at the FUT Champions Cup March in Singapore. The 2018 FIFA eClub World Cup champion has also had impressive performances in the Danish eSuperliga where he reached the last four, and in the Gfinity FIFA Series January, reaching the console semi-finals. Ustun is yet to claim a FIFA title in his own right, and given the format and timing of the Gfinity FIFA Series March, it would be the ideal tournament to do so.


One of the nicest guys in FIFA esports, the ever-smiling Mohamed “MoAuba” Harkous would be a popular winner at the Gfinity Arena. The Wolfsburg man got to the console finals at FUT Champions Cup December, having started the season so well after reaching the semis at the PS4 Continental Cup. The performances have slowed since the turn of the year however, with the German only reaching the knockouts of FUT Champions Cup February in Atalanta. MoAuba is another man who needs to rediscover his form for the back end of the season and make sure his reaches the FIFA Global Series Playoffs in June.

The Gfinity FIFA Series March runs this weekend, 23-24 March, 2019. Tune into see 32 of the best FIFA 19 players to battle at the Gfinity Arena in London by following Gfinity’s social channels or click here to grab your FREE tickets.