FUT Champions Cup April 2019

Thursday, December 13, 2018


Gfinity FUT Champions Cup December Live Blog

Welcome to the Gfinity FUT Champions Cup December Live Blog. Stay tuned for updates on today's play in London, as we look to see if F2Tekkz can make it three tournament wins on the spin.

Biggest upsets on XBOX


Finally the biggest two upsets were Marcus Gomes and Goal Machine leaving the tournament after the group stages. Also the Hashtag boys didn't make it through on Xbox. Increibile series of upsets here.  

PS4 top seeds all safely through


Tore smashed his way through RainesuaL 12-5 while Agge was made to sweat out an 8-7 win. For Stefano Pinna and Joksan it was a dead rubber, but they still came away with wins, their sixth of the day.

Megabit or Night Watch to top the GROUP C on XBOX


The German player suffered a tought defeat ın the fırst leg ın the 7th round agaınst BeneCR7x. However, he is winning 3-0 in his second game and he just needs a victory to top his group. Otherwise Nightwatch will take the lead in the final round and will get that precious bye in the winners bracket tomorrow.

PS4 top seeds finishing strong


In a must-win game Tore flew out of the gates and was unstoppable, taking a 6-1 first leg win, while Stefano Pinna claimed a 2-1 win. North Agge has a few nerves as he heads into the final 10 minutes of the first leg at 3-3 with Rein10.

Hashtagryan vs BundledStokes a "KO" game


With RapidBunny and Dubzje out of the group A already, HashtagHarry needs to defeat the new Bundled player Tom Stokes for a place in the Knockout stages tomorrow. The first three spots are already secured for F2Tekkz, Nraseck7 and xx Benner 7 xx with at least 5 victories in the group.The later ones will face each other in the 7th round to be the second of the group as long as F2Tekkz wins his game.  

Round 7 is under way...


... and Tore starts with a bang as he takes a 1-0 lead over RainesuaL.

Win or go home


Round 7 is here, and for many players it is a must-win fixture. Up on the PS4 main stage SPQR Tore is still in trouble and could find himself out if he loses. Joksan is safely through, as is Stefano Pinna after winning his last two matches on penalties. North Agge wasn't so fortunate from the spot in his last game, and is also in danger.

GoalMachine must win in the 7th round


In one of those nights to forget, the great Canadian player had a bad night and he'll be out unless there is one epic miracle. He needs to comeback a 20 goals difference against Kuromame in the last round.  

Tore on form and Joksan keeps winning


Round 6 was simple pickings for Joksan as he ran out with an easy win over Dufty80. Tore continued his good run of form with a 6-4 win, but Stefano Pinna is headed to extra time again, as is North Agge for the first time today. Can he take his winning streak to 4?

Marcus Gomes struggles to find his game


The Australian player, top seeded player in the group B finds himself in a dangerous position at the moment. The bright side here is that his group is so tight that even losing his current game (1-3 aggregate) against Salz0R he might have a final chance in his last game vs the current top player of the group, the PSG talent DaXe. 

Joksan relentless as Tore finds form


As Day 1 winds down Joksan is still going strong. He took a commanding 4-1 first leg win over Dufty80, while up on the main stage Tore is finding his feet at last. After an easy 9-3 win in Round 5 he claimed a 2-0 first leg win over T9Laky. Pinna suffered a 3-2 loss in his first leg against Paps, while North Agge was held 1-1 by Prohunter.

F2Tekkz vs XX Brenner 7 XX to top the group A


At the moment Brenner is the only undefeated XBOX player. However, he'll be facing the "at least three-wonder" kid F2Tekkz. The winner of this match will be the favourite to top the group and become the King of the Hill. Good luck!

Pinna survives on penalties as Agge continues to roll


Stefano Pinna had been playing brilliantly since the break, but he came up against an immoveable foe in Coco V Bastos. After a 1-0 first leg win Pinna lost the second leg 1-0 to take the tie to extra time. It would eventually go to penalties and while Pinna was the first to miss, he prevailed in the end. Making two terrific saves to take the tie 4-3. Elsewhere among the PS4 top seeds North Agge continued his impressive run with a 4-2 win over JulianBerg1203 and Joksan wrapped up a brilliant tie with Eisvogel 10-6.

F2Tekkz gets much-needed win


Having won the previous two tournaments, F2Tekkz has all expectations riding on his shoulders. His fifth round victory over Hashtagryan_ is coming at a crucial time as he tries to maintain his position in Group A. After a 2-0 victory in the first leg, Tekkz opened strong with two goals in the first 25 minutes. Ryan came back with a score of his own, but Tekkz wasn’t phased, and hit home another two scores. Hashtagryan_ rallied late, scoring three more of his own, but the 4-4 scoreline in the second leg delivered Tekkz the 6-4 aggregate victory.

MegaBit carries momentum through


After demolishing the previously unbeaten night_watch, MegaBit continued his good fortunes with a late game winner against M Herozia. The two drew 3-3 in the first leg, and it looked as if the second was going to finish 2-2. However, a late strike in the 84th minute saw MegaBit score the winner, clinching the round 6-5. MegaBit will now face off against LOSC Crafty in the penultimate round of the group stage.

Goal Machine continues to unravel after 4-1 first leg loss


He came in to the tournament as the top seed in Group D, but Rogue’s Goal Machine has had a poor showing so far. Losing the first three rounds, the Canadian finally showed signs of life in round four, but it appears short lived. Going down one score early against xL Painter, Goal Machine equalised in the 68th minute; but Painter immediately came back with three unanswered goals in the last twenty minutes to take the first leg 4-1. Showing visible signs of frustration, Goal Machine needs to turn it around quickly before the only thing he has left to play for is pride.

Joksan and Eisvogel put on a show


Both Joksan and Eisvogel reached Round 5 with three wins under their belt in group A. This tie is key to both of their hopes and the first leg did not disappoint. Joksan took an early lead but was immediately pegged back by Eisvogel. The game was a back and forth affair for the whole 90 minutes. The lead changed hands and was then tied 3-3 late on before Joksan hit an 85th-minute winner to take a vital one-goal lead into the second leg. The rest of the PS4 top seeds all took first leg wins too.

Unbeaten streaks on PS4 continue


Four men on the PlayStation 4 side of the draw remain unbeaten. nicolas99fc takes the headlines for a comprehenisve 10-3 victory over M10Ustun, but MaestroSquad and VfbDrErhano are going with him every step of the way. Coincidentally, all three players are seating next to each other in the secondary arena, and their must be some positive energy going on with DrErhano defeating ChristianSpiter 2-0 and Maestro overcoming RB Cihan 2-0. 

MegaBit dominates night_watch with 6-0 trouncing


After losing his third round match 8-5, MegaBit showed that he is still more than capable of bringing the boom after he demolished the previously unbeaten night_watch 6-0 in the second leg of round four. The result sees the German easily take the victory 8-1 on aggregate. Elsewhere among the other Xbox top seeds, F2Tekkz had an assured if muted victory over The Royal with a 3-0 aggregate score, while Marcus Gomes lost his second straight game after he could only score once, conceding twice to The SpiderKong.

PS4 top seeds start to distance themselves - Except for Tore


It was a rough start to the day for the PS4 top seeds, all of whom lost within the first two rounds. Round 4 saw them start to assert their dominance though. North Agge had a comfortable 5-1 win over Asti while Stefano Pinna was excellent in his 6-1 win over TSAKT. Joksan scored some excellent goals in a comfortable win over GuulToledo87, but it was more misery for Tore who saw a 3-1 first leg lead evaporate in a 5-1 extra time defeat to LordHjorth in the second leg.

Goal Machine bounces back with comfortable win over Tim Latka


Goal Machine may have been trounced by his Rogue teammate Msdosary, but after a sluggish first leg, he rallied in fine form in the second to top 504 Tim Latka in round four. Goal Machine’s 3-1 victory sees him take the round 4-1, with his final goal coming just three minutes after Latka’s lone score of the contest. Goal Machine will take on xL Painter in the fifth round.

Xbox top seeds limp through low-scoring affairs


After all four top seeds on the xbox side were handed big losses in round three, there were questions as to how well they’d respond. The answer seems to be by playing more conservative tactics, shoring up their defence at the expense of offensive firepower. F2Tekkz and Rogue Goal Machine won their opening leg of round four with a 1-0 scoreline, while Marcus Gomes lost by the same score; MegaBit fared little better, topping the previously undefeated night_watch 2-1. Playing it safe might get them the victory, but unless they can find an attacking spark, they’re in danger of pipped in the second leg of the round.

Joksan rounding into form


A Round 2 loss to VfB DrErhano may have shocked Joksan, but as the day hits the half-way mark he is rounding into form nicely. He was dominant in his 3-1 first leg win over GuuhToledo47, playing some wonderful football to create chances with incredible frequency. Another PS4 top seed is stringing together performances too, as Stefano Pinna claimed a 4-1 first leg win over TSAKT.

Round 4 pits unbeaten LordHjorth against embattled Tore


It has been a day to forget so far for SPQR Tore, who has lost his last two matches. He faces a must-win tie with the unbeaten LordHjorth in group C. He's off to a flying start with a 1-0 lead, can he drive on and claim a vital win?

MegaBit unable to overcome four-goal deficit


MegaBit gave a much better performance in his second leg against M10 Resende, winning 4-3, but it was a case of too little, too late. Resende’s masterful 5-1 victory in the first leg saw him comfortably win this round 8-5, continuing the dominant form he displayed in his 7-1 second round victory over BeneCR7. MegaBit now takes on the currently undefeated night_watch, a matchup that could prove key in who wins Group C.

North Agge claims first win


North Agge claimed his first win of group D with 4-3 win over NYC Chris. After a disappointing first two rounds to today’s play it has to be a relief to finally register a win. Joining him in victory for Round 3 was Joksan, who overturned a 2-1 first leg defeat to ChristianSpiteri to take a 4-3 aggregate victory, his second of the day. Stefano Pinna wrapped up a 6-4 win, though his second leg performance was not as assured as the first leg. Meanwhile Tore's struggles continued, he fell to defeat in the second leg to lose the tie to RBL Cihan 7-6.

F2Tekkz’s comeback efforts fall short


Two-time tournament winner F2Tekkz bounced back from a poor first leg against Bundled Stokes, winning the second leg 3-1. However, it was the conceded goal that proved to be the difference, as Stokes’ late-game goal from kickoff meant that he clinched the round 5-4 on aggregate. Tekkz was visibly unhappy, and will look to bounce back against The Royal in round four.

MsDosary tops Rogue teammate Goal Machine in one-sided affair


It was always going to be an uphill struggle for Goal Machine to come back in round 3 after his Rogue teammate MsDosary won their first leg 6-2, and so it proved. After just 24 minutes of game time, World Champ Dosary netted his second goal of the second leg, prompting the Canadian Goal Machine to consider forfeiting. Reluctantly continuing the match, Goal Machine was able to keep his opponent out of his net for the rest of the match, but loses this round 8-2 to the Saudi Arabian.

Third round sees first leg woes for top-seeded Xbox players


So far, the third round has proven to one of upsets in the Xbox competition. MegaBit, Rogue Goal Machine, F2 Tekkz and Marcus Gomes all lost their first leg matches in significant fashion. MegaBit was handed a 5-1 beating by M10 Resende, while Goal Machine lost by a same four-goal margin as Rogue stablemate Msdossary defeated him 6-2. Heavy favourite F2 Tekkz was upset 4-1 by BlatantCorn63 (Bundled Stokes), while Gomes lost relatively lightly at 3-1. If the second legs end similarly, this could be a big momentum shift in the tournament.

Stefano Pinna fires back as SPQR Tore continues to struggle


After an earlier than expected break and a disappointing loss in Round 2, Stefano Pinna returned to group B with focus. He was on top early against M10Ustun and did not relent in the first leg of their tie, winning 4-1. The same cannot be said for SPQR Tore, who will need to find his feet quickly as he battled to a 3-3 draw in the first leg against RBL Cihan

Fabio Denuzzo takes Marcus Gomes to task


After two self-assured performances from Marcus Gomes, the Australian may have met his match at the hands of Fabio Denuzzo in the third round. Denuzzo netted three first-half goals to put Gomes on the backfoot in the first leg, and he proved unable to play catch-up from behind, even as he was gifted a 90th-minute penalty. As the game enters its second leg, Gomes will need to rediscover the form that served him so well in the first two rounds.

F2Tekkz begins third round still struggling to find form


F2Tekkz enters the third round with two wins under his belt, but it’s not been the smoothest sailing. While Tekkz has one all four legs so far, three of them have come by a single goal, going 3-2 and 2-1 in the second round. He’ll want to have a more dominant showing against BlatantCorn63 (Stokes), but so far success is proving elusive, heading into half time of the first leg 0-0.

Clean sweep as top four PS4 seeds suffer defeat


Adding to defeats of SPQR Tore and Joskan, fellow top seeds North Agge and StefanoPinna also got dealt a blow in the group stages. MoAuba gor the better of Agge, with the German winning the tussle in the second leg after being tied a 2-2. A 7-3 victory will give MoAuba immense confidence for the rest of the groups, with the defensive master nicolas99fc also getting the better fo FIFA eWorld Cup runner-up Stefano Pinna. Stories are emerging on the PS4 side of the draw.

MaestroSquad is masterful in Round 2 versus SPQR Tore


MaestroSquad put SPQR Tore to the sword in the second group game. He claimed a dominant 4-1 win in the first leg and followed that up with a terrific second leg performance in which he created chance after chance, eventually running out with an 8-1 victory. Joining in on the upset was VfB DrErhano, who claimed a comfortable 3-1 first leg win but had to survive a fierce comeback from Joksan. Eventually Joksan fell just short and was beaten 5-4.

MegaBit wins second round despite offensive struggles in second leg


MegaBit looked in position to build on his 8-5 first round victory, winning his first leg against Noxiousbacon304 without much trouble to the tune of 3-0. The second leg was a much different story however, as Noxiousbacon’s defensive skills kept the German out of the net for 80 minutes. In the end, though, MegaBit would not be denied, scoring two goals in the final ten minutes to win his second round matchup 5-0.

Rogue Goal Machine refinds form after goalless first leg


After his shock 10-4 upset in the first round, Rogue Goal Machine’s second round didn’t look to be much better, as Hensoo took the Canadian to a goalless draw in the first leg. It was only a matter of time until Goal Machine rediscovered the form that saw him the top seed in Group D as he heads into half time of the second leg with a 3-1 lead.

Gomes opens day with quiet but confident performances


He may be putting up the flashiest of scorelines, but Marcus Gomes is quietly handling his business. Gomes dispatched Josuesto with a relatively muted 3-1 aggregate score, but is looking to finally open up his offence in Round 2. Facing off against Vitality Rafsou, Gomes opened the proceedings in the first leg with three unanswered goals. Rafsou grabbed a late consolation score, but the odds are heavily in the Group B #1 seed’s favour.

F2Tekkz tested early


After a shaky opening round, where he needed an injury-time goal to secure a 4-3 victory in the first leg, two-time tournament winner F2Tekkz has looked much more comfortable. A confident 4-1 second leg saw the Brit clinch the first round 8-4 on aggregate, and he looked to have taken his form over to his second round match against NRaseck 7, scoring two quick goals. It’s not all smooth sailing though, as they head into half time of the first leg drawn at 2-2. Can F2Tekkz rediscover his winning ways?

Kuromame handles Rogue Goal Machine comfortably


Coming into today a heavy favourite, Rogue Goal Machine begins the day with a shock upset to Kuroname, losing the first leg 3-1. Kuroname notched three straight goals to open the match, with Goal Machine's lone score doing little to turn the tide. Second leg saw more of the same as Kuromame put in a dominant 7-3 effort, taking the first round 10-4 on aggregate.

MegaBit bounces back


MegaBit may have started strong, scoring straight out the gate against NSE TMaciel, but he soon found himself down 2-1 in the middle of the second half. However, a late burst of firepower saw the German score three late goals to win the first leg 4-2, and his offensive prowess continued into the second leg, comfortably leading the second leg 4-1. A late response from NSE TMaciel saw the game get tight, but it was too little too late as the final score came at 4-3, handing the contest to MegaBit 8-5 on aggregate. MegaBit seems to have settled down since his shaky opening, as TMaciel never looked threatening in the second leg until the game was out of hand. MegaBit now takes on Jablett in Round 2. 

Early upset as North Agge loses first match


The main seeds on the PlayStation 4 started the day well except for North Agge, who fell 5-1 on aggregate to 9z Yago in his first game. It was a much happier opening game for Stefano Pinna, Joksan, and SPQR Tore, with Pinna taking a dominant 8-2 win.



Action is now underway in the Gfinity FUT Champions Cup December in both arenas. Goals are already flying in with MegaBit scoring against NSE Tmaciel straight from kick-off!